Expansive gallery space featuring exhibits by contemporary painters, sculptors & photographers.

Anyone who relishes art should love the extraordinary diversity and psychic magic of our art gallery. There’s likely more combined square footage for the showing of art in Los Angeles — 1100 S Flower Street — than in all of the European and American galleries.

Viktor Butko, The Founder 
Line 35 Gallery



Don’t take our word for it — here’s what our visitors say:

I especially live this place on Sunday afternoons

Harold R

a month ago

great space. it’s obvious the care and thought put forth into it’s fluid design. form and function define each detail as you move from one gallery/events space into the next. with the right mix of events, i could see this space becoming the next cultural dish du jour of the ever-changing DTLA area.

Christopher J

a year ago

what an amazing gallery!

Martin w

a year ago

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